All The Gameplay Features Revealed In The Ghost Of Tsushima State Of Play

The latest of SIE’s State Of Play showcases one and one game only- Sucker Punch’s Ghost Of Tsushima. Now we know more about how the game plays.

And guess what, it’s another one of those open-world adventures. Sony has published a few, including Horizon: Zero Dawn, Days Gone, and Death Stranding.

It’s one of those games, but if you like a little blend of Assassin’s Creed/Shadow Of Mordor inspired by classic samurai flicks, this could be interesting to you. Here are some of the gameplay features being showcased:

Natural Objective Markers For Exploration

Being an open-world game, there’s bound to be plenty of hotspots to travel to. But rather than being guided by a minimap or a very typical UI, Sucker Punch is masking the guides with natural objects. Your arrow point GPS is a stroke of visible wind blows, with plenty of petals and wind streaks for added visual clarity.

Interesting point of interests can be spotted afar by looking at things like smokestacks, and point of interests closer to you will be pointed by suspicious-looking animals that will grab your attention.

Samurai VS Ghost gameplay

The main combat aspect of Ghost Of Tsushima should be very reminiscent to Shadow Of Mordor, and by that association, past Assassin’s Creed games.

Your protagonist Jin can fight honourably and head-on like a Samurai, or bend the rules to his own favour by being a sneaky Ghost. Gadgets like wind chimes and kunai can be used. You have a bow and arrow to go alongside your sword for direct combat.

Character Customisation And Crafting

Jin’s apparel can be customised. Not only does it dramatically change his appearance, but it also has stat benefits. So you will look like a ninja if opt to play more stealthy, and more like a ronin on the other path. Clothing items can be dyed by using materials collected in the open world.

Japanese Voice-overs, Photo Mode and Samurai Film game filter

Ghost Of Tsushima will have photo mode at launch, with a lot of filters and settings to mess around from the get-go. If you want to evoke a more samurai film aesthetic, there’s a filter where you can play the game entirely in black-and-white. It doesn’t necessarily match the high-contrast black-and-white aesthetic of those films, but it’s still a feature you can play with it on.

The game will also have Japanese voiceovers, as confirmed before, and you can toggle it on before the game starts its first cinematic.

Ghost Of Tsushima doesn’t seem to be a revolutionary open-world game, but should satistfy those cravings of an open-world game set in medieval Japan. Ghost Of Tsushima comes out on July 17th exclusively on the PS4, with pre-orders already available in Malaysia.


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