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After 8 Years In Development, SpyParty Will Now Be On Steam Early Access

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Chris Hecker’s asymmetric 1V1 multiplayer game SpyParty has been long in development, but is now finally ready for Steam Early Access. The game tasks one spy who needs to blend in and complete objectives in the party while a sniper has to figure who’s the spy and shoot them. One is a game of blending in with the AI while still completing your agenda, the other a social deduction.

The core premise is strong, so strong that it has a committee of hardcore players putting out thousands of hours into it. But for quite a long time the game does not have proper art yet- that only began five years ago. The game already has a Steam Store page setup by the end of last year.

After all this while, why is is still Early Access? For one, the art is still not complete- the NPCs are still rough compared to the many visually distinct and diverse party guests. Another is that it still needs fine tuning, especially now that the game will be open to more players outside of the established playerbase. This is an indie game made by literally two people, so things can take some time.

You can check out the Steam page here. Early Access begins on April 12th.