After 5 Years, Colony Sim RimWorld Is Leaving Early Access

It’s been a good year if you are a fan of tycoon/builder strategy games. And it keeps on getting better. After 5 years in Early Access, colony simulator RimWorld will now be a full product, with a 1.0 release imminent.

RimWorld is inspired by Dwarf Fortress, a colony simulation with crazy amount of simulated variables (and crazy patch notes as a result). RimWorld offers a similar experience, but with a friendlier interface, and graphics.

If you ever fancy creating a tribe of cannibals, or a colony that will torture any captured targets, or maybe a passive cult with turrets in place everywhere, you can. The game is about creating your own experiences, helped by an AI Storyteller that will push certain events that may trigger interesting moments. Plus, the suite of building tools you have should keep you busy. And there’s mod support too.

As of right now, RimWorld is RM51. No word on whether any price change will happen once it leaves Early Access on October 17th.

Source: Steam

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