Acer Introduces The Predator 21 X, The First Laptop With A Curved Screen, Along With Hardware Refreshes

Ridiculous. Just ridiculous. But in a good way! Acer is still pushing on with the enthusiast grade PC gear with their Predator line with another new laptop. The newly introduced Predator 21 X at IFA 2016 in Berlin is absolutely ridiculous not only because it sports a huge 21 inch display- a curved one to boot, the first laptop in the world to do so- it also has top of the line specs you can have currently. It is boasting the latest 7th generation of Intel Core processors, dual Nvidia Geforce 1080 GTX graphic cards, five fans, mechanical keyboards with Cherry MX switches, and the Tobii eye-tracker.

Comparing to the Predator 17 X that was just released in Malaysia last week- this is one massive upgrade. With the 17X retailing at RM12 999, expect this one to be a real blow to the wallet, but with specs like that, it should last for at least 3-4 years of good use.

Aside from that, new refreshes of the Predator monitors- the Z271T curved monitor, and the XB251HQT and XB271HUT “zero-pane” monitors- will now sport the Tobii eye-tracker included in the package. So far, there’s two new releases that make use of the eye-tracker: Deus Ex Mankind Divided and 4X strategy game Master Of Orion. Check this promotional video of how the eye-tracker works here.

The old Predator 15 and 17 laptops will receive some hardware refresh, sporting up to the GeForce 1070 GTX and will run in Windows 10.

While these are all unveiled at IFA, expect them, along with the rest of Acer’s new product line, to hit Malaysia in a few months time.


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