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A Way Out A Success, Selling More Than 1 Million Units

More than EA initially expected


So, who would pay for a strictly two-player game story-focused adventure game with a split-screen and requires only one paid copy to play even with a friend online? Over one million players would, that’s who.

A Way Out developers Hazelight has announced that their first game under the new banner has sold more than 1 million players. Considering that the game requires two players to play, the player count should be more or less double of that amount.

Interestingly, Kotaku reported that early marketing document leaks at EA expected A Way Out to not sell as well- only 894,000 copies at most throughout its lifetime. The third game under the EA Originals banner, the publisher’s experimental indie initiative, is the first big break compared to the first two, Unravel and Fe, which slipped under the radar after launch.

Game Director Josef “F*** The Oscars!” Fares will be very happy to see this big gamble pays off (in fact, he is), and hopefully invigorate the use of split-screen and couch multiplayer games in the future