Zoo Builder/Management Sim Planet Zoo Out Now

From the makers of Planet Coaster comes Planet Zoo. This is Frontier Development’s take on park builder/management game based on zoos, similar to Zoo Tycoon (which the latest iteration was made by them as well).

Planet Zoo lets you build and control zoos from around the world. Either fixing a troublesome one in Campaign and Challenge mode, or build your from scratch in Sandbox and Franchise Mode, there should be elements that please players who prefer the creative freedom of building games and the stress and satisfaction for getting things right from a management game.

Animals in the game are all based on real-life species, each with their own needs to get them happy, which a good zookeeper should do. But this also a business that needs to make money and keep visitors coming. And there is a need to think about animal conservation as well, or expect protestors making a statement at the zoo.

The launch trailer showcases another biome, East Asia, alongside new animals like the Chinese Pangolin, the Giant Panda and Flamingo.

If you’re passionate about animals and the outdoors, and a knack for building and management sims,  this should be your jam. Especially since Planet Coaster, which shares many similarities with this game, is also pretty fantastic.

Planet Zoo is out now on PC via Steam for RM129. There is also a Deluxe Edition with extra animals


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