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Zombie Shooter World War Z Out Now, Here’s It’s Launch Trailer


Need to fulfill that Zombie fix but can’t wait or afford Days Gone? Well then, Saber Interactive might have something that could interest you.

Release yesterday (at time of writing), World War Z is a four-player co-op shooter that sees you fighting literal mountains of zombies thanks to Saber’s Swarm Engine in four distant locations, all of which has their own quirks and features. There’s even a PvPvZ Multiplayer mode, where you’ll fight an other team whilst the zombos come at both of you.

It’s looks quite fun really and the initial reviews are pretty good too. The game is now out for PS4 and Xbox One for RM 159 whilst the PC version on Epic Store is only RM 115 if you want a cheaper alternative.

The PC version is supported by AMD, with new drivers for AMD GPUs now available coinciding with the release.

You can view their launch trailer down below.