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You Can Play All Of Hitman Season 1 Content In Hitman 2

As long as you own it


Hitman 2016 was built to support multiple seasons, but then developers IO Interactive parted ways with Square Enix. Now with a new publisher, the so-called season 2 of Hitman is now a full-on sequel, Hitman 2.

But today IO dropped a bomb of an announcement.

The entirety of content from Season 1 of Hitman is playable in Hitman 2. Not only that, all the enhancements of that the sequel is bringing such as crowd stealth, sniper rifles in breifcases, enhanced AI and improved crowd visuals are also implemented to the previous content as well.

The catch is, if you own the previous game, all of six maps from Season 1 is free.

This is in line with the whole “World Of Assassination” theme the previous game had. Plus, calling the Hitman 2016 content as “Season 1” means that Hitman 2 is indeed Hitman Season 2. Which meant the original idea of a seasonal, games-as-a-service approach remains in tact. This model will also be used for future games or content. If there’s a Season 3 or a Hitman 3 and onwards, all of the contents should carry over.

In addition, it was also confirmed that Hitman Sniper Assassin, the pre-order bonus mission that you can play now, will receive additional maps as well, as we predicted in our first impressions. And IO is also hinting that many other game modes such as this may appear in the future as well.

Hitman 2 is coming out on November 13th for the PS4, PC and Xbox One.