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V-Rally 4 to Have Rally Malaysia Stages

The muddy roads of Johor Awaits.


This is unexpected and really exciting news. The official V-Rally twitter account posted a YouTube video from Team VVV showcasing a full rally stage preview from a certain country that we know and love.

That’s right, Rally Malaysia (now known as International Rally of Johor), an official round for the Asian Pacific Rally Championship (APRC), is going to be playable in V-Rally 4. And judging by the video, it looks to be a tough one with torrential rain and bumpy roads similar to the real life counterpart.

What’s more exciting is that the game will feature a sort of track randomizer just like in Dirt 4, which might make the stages different each time you play it. V-Rally 4 will also include Rallycross, Hillclimbing and even Extremekhana, also their twist on the popular Gymkhana mode by Codemasters.

What do you guys think? This game has the potential to be a great rally game and we can’t wait for the game to be release on September for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, with the Switch version releasing on a later date.

Source: Team VVV