Umamusume: Pretty Derby Gallops Towards English Release Soon

After 3 years since it’s launch in Japan, Cygames have officially announced that their hit gacha game, Umamusume: Pretty Derby, is heading to the English market on both iOS and Android devices, this was revealed via their official Twitter/X post.

The game itself is a mix of a management sim of horse girl idols that are based on real life horses that have history within the Japanese Horse Racing scene, where you’ll have to train your best horse girl before jumping into PVP and Daily Races. It’s technically also a slice of life game as each turn gets you closer to your horse idol girl and victory in the Derby.

This comes alongside the already announced party game that’s coming to the Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PC later this August. Perhaps both would be releasing close to each other?

In any case, it’s a fine time to be a horse trainer as Umamusume is set to go Global on mobile devices soon.

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