The Sims 4 Simtimates Collection Kit, Bathroom Collection Kit Review

The Sims 4 released two of its first (of definitely many) kits for 2023: The Simtimates Collection Kit and the Bathroom Clutter Kit.  These are effectively mini-DLCs, much smaller than the usual DLCs (expansion packs, game packs, and stuff packs) but offer a very specific niche of content being added.

For this pair of kits, it’s new lingerie and underwear for the former and miscellaneous knick-knacks to clutter the bathroom.

I never tried any of the kits before, from a value proposition I was unsold of the number of items being added compared to the price tag (which in Malaysia, defaults to RM19). Half the price of a Stuff Pack, but seemingly less than half the amount of content. At least that’s how I felt previously.

So this is what I feel about trying out kits for the first time, in particular the aforementioned Simtimates Collection Kit and the Bathroom Clutter Kit.

Simtimates Collection Kit Review

The Simtimates Collection Kit is a Create-A-Sim (CAS) fashion kit that brings 24 new bedtime clothing options (9 masculine, 15 feminine) for adult, elder and teen Sims. There are new boxers, briefs, boxer briefs made mainly for the masculine body type, and there are various modern styles of lingerie, including rompers.

There is one branded clothing set from MeUndies, which offers silly patterns (like pizza aubergines on the briefs) as well as normal colours. And there is a pair of joggers too.

Important to note that each of the clothing can be worn in either body type, so you can have the tighter or looser fit of the same lingerie worn by any Sim, just remove the “masculine” or “feminine” filter and you’ll find them there.

The past DLC packs and kits never really added a substantial amount of nightwear options for adult Sims or older. There’s a smattering of additions here and there, and unless you bought all the packs (which is quite the financial investment considering how many DLC packs available) you probably won’t see much being added.

So The Simtimates Collection Kit is quite the offering for those looking to spice up your Sims’ bed time, or sexy time. Or just want more variety in that particular clothing option. If you’re not savvy enough to mess with mods or custom creations (CCs) and are okay with paying just for this, it’s an excellent bit of kit. This kit should also be something more broadly appealing compared to previous CAS kits, which focus on clothing from specific parts of the world, and one for menswear.

Bathroom Clutter Kit Review

The Bathroom Clutter Kit is a Build Mode kit and it comes with 30 new Build Mode objects, plus one new room template. None of the objects adds gameplay, it just adds, well, clutter. You’ll find most of the items in this kit under the “accents” label in the bathroom when browsing Build Mode via Room Type.

Gameplay-oriented Simmers can easily skip this just like the Everyday Clutter Kit released previously. It’s just things you can add to make the room more clutter.

But for others, these are the little details you want your Sims’ home to be. It adds more charm, more personality, and more ways to spruce up a rather empty and utilitarian bathroom.

Most of the clutter is placeable on either a countertop, a floating shelf or just on the floor.

However, there are a few items that are just messy variants. You can place a perfect tube of toothpaste, or the same toothpaste but more used and crinkly. And there’s another toilet roll holder (offered with tissues placed over or under), but unlike the one in the base game, this one’s less ornate. 

All of the clutter items have multiple colour choices, from muted palates to brighter ones with playful colours and designs, the latter being perfect for humble abodes that are raising kids.

The Bathroom Clutter Kit isn’t just about making a mess either. A selection of cosmetics, a razor clipper, and a toilet plunger are included. like it belongs in any Sims’ bathroom, at least for me, and these are cool stuff I would definitely waste a Sims’ money for.

While I recommend the Simtimates Collection Kit wholeheartedly to everyone, the Bathroom Clutter Kit is really a choice selection. There are a handful of items I like but I don’t think that I would have paid full price for Build Mode clutter kits. Mostly because I don’t play and mess around with the Build Mode enough to really get the value out of it. Yet I like to have a bit of them here and there should they be included in bigger packs I would pay for.

As its own entire kit, it’s a hard sell for me, but if meticulously detailing your Sims’s home is your thing, this kit is something you’ll find a lot of value in.

Are The Sims 4 Kits Worth Buying In General?

With kits, I feel like the developers are trying to please the different audiences of Simmers with highly specialised content for them. And given by how many of them are available since the first set of kits were released, there are so many different audiences being catered to here, though not the gameplay-oriented players. But it still feels weird that kits have effectively replaced Stuff Packs, which I used to consider as mini-DLCs.

Kits also rarely, if ever, are on sale. So the only discount you would see from kits is if you have an EA Play subscription.

Out of the 17 (!) kits available right now, maybe a handful or less might be to your liking and seem worth a purchase and we are all better off if it’s like that.

Kits are totally optional and barely contain new gameplay features so you’re not missing out if you are perfectly content with the content you can use in CAS and Build Mode right now.

Kits feel more like buying a cosmetic pack in other video games in a way- totally optional purchases that are catered for very specific players. And I think with that frame of thinking, you can then find value in kits and whether they are worth a purchase or not.

Played on PC. Review code provided by the publisher

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