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The Next Mafia III DLC Will Have You Investigate A Cult


Mafia III’s post-launch DLCs are continuing to be released at a decent rate. So far there’s two big content drops which involves some new story of protagonist Lincoln Clay with a different tone. The first one focused on driving, the second one explores Clay’s history in the war in Vietnam with explosive action.

The third one, coming out this month, is called the Sign Of Times. This time, the story goes a bit spooky. A cult has taken over Sammy’s bar and has taken out many lives in the name of ritual sacrifice. Now you have to take down the cult and investigate them as you go along. Expect some spooky moments where the Clay has to get to grips with reality.

Alongside that, there will be new weapons like a throwing knife, new cars and the ability to do bullet-time.

This will be the last piece of DLC included in the Season Pass. The Sign Of Times DLC will be released on July 25 for the PS4, PC and Xbox One.