The Next God Of War Is, Unsurprisingly, Called God Of War Ragnarok

The follow-up to the 2018 soft-reboot hard-sequel God Of War, previously only officially referred to as “the next God Of War”, has been officially revealed at the 2021 PlayStation Showcase.

Unsurprisingly, it is called God Of War Ragnarok (or God Of War Ragnarök), which most folks have started calling it such unofficially. Ragnarök will pick up right after the end of God Of War (2018) as Kratos, his son Atreus and the literal talking head Mimir journey through a now-wintery Midgard.

Expect a direct continuation of the plot (i.e. a lot of the big reveals from the previous game will take center stage). A familiar face returns as the main antagonist, and so is a new Norse god that you may be familiar with. He has a thunder hammer.

God Of War Ragnarok will also feature an expanded move list for Kratos and Atreus. Kratos has the new Axe and the old Blades from the previous adventure, and now has some other uses of the chains. Atreus still supports in battle with the bow and arrow, but he can also call in new Runic Summons.

Also, the PlayStation Blog post has confirmed that God Of War will feature all of the nine realms. 2018 saw only six of them, so we will be exploring through Vanaheim, Svartalfheim, and Asgard.

God Of War Ragnarok will be coming to PS4 and PS5.

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