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Take A Look At The Gameplay Of Destiny 2


Destiny 2 is coming this year, September 8 to be exact. Developers Bungie is now ready to unveil some gameplay footage of the online FPS. And so far, it looks like a nice step up.

Here’s the official gameplay trailer, but it’s more of a montage of the action rather than a full gameplay trailer. If you’re pressed for time, you can check it out here.

However, there is a longer gameplay reel as seen in the premier livestream. Here is the opening mission of Destiny 2 called Homecoming, showing more substantial gameplay as well as cinematics.

Destiny 2 looks to improve some of the missteps seen from the launch of Destiny with better storytelling as well as adding a proper clan system to manage players and assemble Fireteams all within the game.The PvP Crucible will now be 4v4 for all modes of play. Patrols have more exploration with treasures to discover and NPCs to talk to. Changes to Supers and weapon types will be something fans of the game would appreciate.

Destiny 2 will arrive for the PS4, Xbox One, on September 8. It will also be available for the first time on PC (exclusively on the Blizzard app) presumably a bit later after the console release.