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Surprise Title Update For Monster Hunter Adds New Quest Type, New Elder Dragon

Monster Hunter World gets even more MMO-like with its first world event


A new trailer for Monster Hunter: World’s next title update dropped today, along with details of the monstrous new update which drops this weekend, 19th of April.

Joining the roster of monsters in this game is the lustrous Kulve Taroth, a golden elder dragon that lives in a gold cave and can only be hunted via the new limited-time Siege Quest.

In Siege quests, all 16 members of a hunting session must work together to take down the Kulve Taroth, with each 4-man hunt moving progress on the elder dragon much like world events in MMOs.

The addition of Kulve Taroth also brings more loot, with what appears to be the inclusion of relic weapons as rewards for completing the hunt.

In addition to all this, the new update will also be adding a new layered armor set for fashion hunters.

The title update drops April 19th, 8am Malaysian time and will be free for anyone who owns the game.