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Early Summer Sale On PS Store Asia Has Some Good Deals


We don’t really experience the four seasons in Southeast Asia, but that’s not stopping PS Store Asia from running season-themed sales. It’s latest sales deals is for spring- or “Early Summer” as it is called, which do see some deep discounts, up to 70% and 85% for PS Plus subscribers.

Here’s some highlights of the sales:

  • Resogun- RM6 (70%), RM4 (80% for PS Plus)
  • Unravel- RM17.25(-75%)
  • Battlefield 4- RM20.70 (-70%)
  • Darksiders Warmestered Edition-RM28.35 (65%), RM20.25 (-75% for PS Plus)
  • Matterfall- RM31.60(-60%), RM23.70 (70% for PS Plus)
  • Watch Dogs- RM33.20 (-60%), RM24.90 (-70% for PS Plus)
  • Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition – RM79.50 (-50%), RM63.60 (-60% for PS Plus)
  • The Sims 4- RM84.50 (-50%), RM67.60 (-60%for PS Plus)
  • Redout- RM95.15 (-45%), RM77.85 (-55% for PS Plus)
  • F1 2017- RM99..50 (-50%), RM79.60 (-60% for PS Plus)
  • Burnout Paradiese Remastered- RM104.30 (-30%)

There’s more to discover, so head over here to see the full listing.