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Spooky Cosplayers Are Boarding The LRT Tomorrow For Cosplay Commuter 2019


If you are boarding the Kelana Jaya LRT line on October 19th, expect some special company. The Magic Rain is organising the third edition of Cosplay Commuter, a team-based cosplay event. Anyone can join the Cosplay Commuter- it’s free and you will be grouped to a team of 10 from there.

Participants will be gathering at LINC KL from 10AM-12PM and from there, will be boarding the LRT, stopping at various stops to complete various challenges. The theme this year is “horror”.

Such challenges include a dance-off to the soundtrack of Metronomik’s upcoming game No Straight Roads, a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate match on Switch, putting a hand in mysterious boxes, acting challenges, a horror-themed take on schoolyard game Mother Hen and more. The participants will meet back at LINC KL for a final, yet unveiled challenge at 5PM.

Also, expect some zombie flashmobs happening, and plenty of horror cosplay around KL LRT stations on the same day. Kaori Lalachan, Jasmeme, Ai Nurul, and Aliciasama 薇薇 are among the guest conductors that will be joining the event.

The Magic Rain is partnered with Prasarana (the owners of the RapidKL public transport lines) for Cosplay Commuter 2019. So if you spot something spooky on the commute tomorrow, don’t worry, it’s probably just cosplay.