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Shadow Of War’s Expansion Pass Details Announced


Shadow Of War has an expansion pass you can buy for additional content, and has now revealed the timeline of when the content drop will arrive.

The first two DLCs add two new orc tribes- the Slaughter Tribe (arriving next month) and the Outlaw Tribe (December). This will add new orc variants, new legendary gear and challenges. Fingers crossed that this means new, wacky orc personalities will be added as well.

The other two DLCs are story expansions. The Blade Of Galadriel Story Expansion will have you play as Eltariel- the female assassin featured in the main story as she continue to hunt down the Nazgûl. This will arrive in February next year.

The last one, The Desolation Of Mordor Story Expansion will have you control Baranor, one of the captains of Minas Ithil. This new story will also add a new desert region named Lithlad (which is still within Mordor). This will arrive in May.

The Expansion Pass is RM170 on the Playstation Store and on Steam. It also available for the Xbox One.