Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Adds Boss Rush, Costumes And More In Free Update This October

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is getting a surprise update, coming later in October.

The soulslike from From Software will be adding a few extra features for players who wanted more challenge in this already challenging game. You can take part in Reflections of Strength, which lets you fight against any defeated bosses again through the Sculptor’s Idol.

If you’re feeling frisky, there’s Gauntlets of Strength, which is a boss rush mode. And yes, die at any point and you’ll have to try again, from the start. So use Reflections of Strength to train up for the boss rush mode.

The Gauntlets Of Strength unlocks two new costumes you can wear, the “Tengu” and “Old Ashina Shinobi” costumes. This is a new feature for the game. You also unlock one more costume just by finishing the game. These are pure cosmetic, “accoutrements to your achievements within Sekiro” as the Activision Games Blog puts it.

You can change costumes at Sculptor’s Idols.

Lastly, Sekiro will have Remnants. This is essentially the guidance messages from previous FromSoft soulslike games, useful for new players. Remnants record up to 30 seconds at a time, and will be available after the tutorial. And yes, after recording an action, like a takedown or pulling off a movement trick, you can leave a message. If someone rates it, you’ll get free HP recovery.

Sekiro launched without any online features, it’s strictly a single-player game. So it’s cool to see a feature prominent in Demons’s Souls, Dark Souls, Bloodborne and the many soulslike action-RPG those inspired, is coming to Sekiro.

The free update will launch on October 29. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice will also launch on Stadia on that date.

Source: Activision Games

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