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Rest In Peace, Skeevy Shopkeeper- Shadow Of War Removed Its Microtransactions And Changes Endgame With New Update


The evil has been vanquished. It was not just Star Wars Battlefront II that triggered the Loot Box Controversy of 2017, Shadow Of War has its role as well for implementing loot boxes in a single-player game that not only forces unnecessary grinding if you opt out from buying them in the marketplace, but also robs the spotlight of the orcs generated from the excellent Nemesis System as you can just get a strong one right out of a box.

Today, the update that was announced ahead of time is now live. The marketplace is now gone, alongside the skeevy shopkeeper that manages it. All leftover gold, the premium currency, are now converted to gold loot chests. Yes, the loot chests are not gone entirely- it is still in the game as rewards but you will no longer earn orcs through this, only gear for your character Talion and training orders- abilities you can add to your orc army. Training orders can also be outright bought with Mirian, the in-game currency, too.

In addition, the game’s endgame, Shadow Wars, has also been cut down in size, requiring less missions and stages to reach the 100% completion. Completing Shadow Wars will earn you a new set of gear, which will also be available to those that have completed it.

You can view the full patch notes, which also details the new level cap (Level 80) and prestige skills, here.

Our review of Shadow Of War pointed out how grindy the endgame was which was not a pleasant experience. Now that the issue has been addressed, and the removal of pay-to-win microtransactions, we now feel more comfortable recommending the game. Just to see what wacky orc will come in your playthrough.