Project Kavvaii Enters Second Year, To Debut Two New VTubers

Project Kavvaii is a virtual YouTuber (VTuber) group established last year by AirAsia Super App. Entering its second year of the project, the group will be debuting two new virtual idols.

Project Kavvaii Gen 2, otherwise known as Lunetide, is comprised of Airi Gwynevere and Mikazuki Mai. The two were selected from a previous open audition held in November.

Here’s the lore blurb for Lunetide:

Witch hunter Miyazuki Mai finds Airi Gwynevere, a witch trapped in a cellar for eons. Mai ‘accidentally’ frees Gwyn and realises she isn’t great at being a witch hunter.

Penniless, the two had no choice but to work together in a bar that the Gwyn established to earn a living, as practising magic publicly in the present day is a challenge.

Lonely witch Airi Gwynvere is illustrated by Nana and rigged by Ran, while clumsy witch hunter Mikazuki Mai is illustrated by Hen and rigged by Veiny.

The two talents will have a support team behind them to facilitate their streaming activities which do involve gaming.

Gwynvere will debut on April 23 at 8PM Malaysia Time (+8 GMT) on YouTube followed by Mai the following day. You can follow Gwenvere’s YouTube and Twitter, as well as Mai’s YouTube and Twitter.

Project Kavvai started with the debut of Aozora Kurumi, who has since completed over 150 streams and acquired over 22,000 subscribers.

VTubing has taken off in the last few years. There’s a really big appeal to watching streamers with anime avatars, though VTubing culture has also overlapping appeal with Japan’s idol culture as well.

It’s fascinating that AirAsia, mostly known for their low-cost airlines, are diversifying their business into such a niche. But they’ve got into the esports scene before, so anything’s game for them.

“Our long term goal is to have Project Kavvaii develop into a virtual talent arm that provides entertainment and engagement opportunities for fans, brands and communities,” says Rudy Khaw, Group Chief Brand Officer, AirAsia Super App.

“We remain steadfast in our stand that people consume online content differently today, and we want to push the envelope of innovation to stay relevant with online communities and market trends.”

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