Pre-Order Hitman 2 And Get Access To Sniper Assassin Mode Right Now, Includes Co-Op

Hitman 2, a direct sequel to Hitman has been announced. And one of the interesting new additions is the new Sniper Assassin mode. This is pre-order bonus for the game that also includes co-op play.

The Sniper Assassin mode is a simple level wherein you stay in your sniper perch and shoot your targets- three different VIPs as well as the many bodyguards. Despite having no mobility, the many details of the modern Hitman games, a large map, plenty of opportunities for accidental kills, and fun optional challenges to try are all present.

The mode can be played solo. Should you play co-op, instead of 47 you and your buddy will play as two new characters. There are also different ammunition types, which gives a bit more depth to the otherwise simple mode.

Interestingly, the mode is already available to play now should you pre-order Hitman 2. This is a rather substantial offer for a pre-order, though it will still be available should you choose to wait on it when it’s released on November 13th for the PS4, PC and Xbox One.


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