Planet Zoo Gets New Update With Over 400 Bug Fixes, Including Animal Poop Rebalances

Zoo builder/management sim Zoo Tycoon is out now on PC. Though it’s a bit rough around the edges currently. Developers Frontier Developments have issued a new update to improve the situation.

Update 1.03 is now live and has over 400 bug fixes. From general stability to balance changes to UI improvements. Here are some of the highlights that we found interesting in the patch notes:

  • Fixed animals being able to be dehydrated whilst swimming
  • Fixed issue where animals could become stuck in vet surgery when player cancels moving them whilst they are receiving treatment
  • Balanced exhibit animal defecation rates
  • Fixed protesters and some guests in queues not fleeing escaped animals
  • Fixed bug causing guests to sometimes pop in to the air whilst walking
  • Tweaked the “eeuw” reaction behaviour to pooping

Yes, they are a few bug fixes in regards to animal poop.

You can check out the full patch notes here.


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