Planet Coaster Is A Theme Park And Roller Coaster Builder, And You Can Crash Them Too

Ever played the old Roller Coaster Tycoon games? It was a theme park and roller coaster builder and management game. Building your own roller coaster was one of the cool features it had, but more interestingly, you can make shoddy ones and still let park visitors take a ride. So you can have them crash due to the tracks defying physics too much, incomplete, or even designed to be the ride of their lives, literally. With already a few new games right now trying to make a new entry to the old park builder genre, Planet Coaster released a trailer to confirm that they too will allow you to create deathtraps roller coasters that can result in unforeseen circumstances. Just like old times.

Check it out:


Planet Coaster is being made by Frontier Development, the guys behind the spaceship sim Elite: Dangerous, as well as the Roller Coaster Tycoon 3. This is their first stab with a PC theme park builder ever since that title, though they have developed the Xbox-exclusive Screamriders, a roller coaster builder. This new take of an old genre will be providing you more freedom to design each ride, attraction, stalls and decoration to make each park unique. Management elements return again as you balance the finance and more minute details of the park, and you can share and download creations made by the community.

The game has an Alpha and Beta test already commenced and is now expected to release on November 18. Take a look at the Steam page if you fancy building a roller coaster of doom again.

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