Planet Coaster 2 Announced, Now With Water Parks

Frontier announced the sequel to its theme park builder management game Planet Coaster.

Planet Coaster 2 adds water parks as an option for theme parks. Pools, water slides and new water park-themed rides are being added to the sequel. The water slides are modular in the same way as rollercoasters are. Water parks also include sunbeds, lifeguards and changing rooms.

Essentially, you can now recreate Sunway Lagoon, or revive defunct water parks like Action Park.

All the robust tools from Planet Coaster returns. So players can either use pre-fabs for most of the decorations or go piece-by-piece and creating your own facade for all the facilities in the park. The even sequencer has been enhanced with more ways to combine animatronics, smoke, water jets and sound to create the perfect ambiance for visitors.

Planet Coaster 2 will have three modes- the Career Mode, the Sandbox mode as well as a Franchise Mode. The ability to visit a friends’ park has also been made easier. And now players can share a Sandbox level to build together. Not simultaneously, however. But you can pass along the same save easily, it even works across different platforms.

Planet Coaster 2 is releasing in Fall/Autumn (Q4) this year on PS5, PC and Xbox Series X|S.

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