Overwatch 2 And More Blizzard Games Coming To Stream

Blizzard Entertainment is “trying something new” by bringing a selection of its PC games, previously only available through the Battle.net app, to Steam. The first to get this treatment is Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2 is free-to-play, so anyone who has yet to hop in and try the current rendition of this once-popular hero-shooter can give it a try.

However, you will need to link a Battle.net account to play Blizzard games on Steam (to allow cross-play), so you still need to create one if you haven’t. The benefits of playing on the Steam client include Steam achievements, access to your Steam friends list and being able to invite them to your session.

Overwatch 2 will launch on Steam on August 10, in time with an upcoming update that will add the PVE mode, albeit toned down from the vision when Overwatch 2 was initially revealed.

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