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Neon Giant Is A New Studio Made Out Of Former Bulletstorm And Wolfenstien Developers

Upcoming game is set in a cyberpunk world


It’s always exciting to see more new development studios formed by veteran game developers. Same goes to this news of Neon Giant, a new studio based in Uppsala, Sweden, formed by developers that worked on Bulletstorm, Gears Of War and the recent Wolfenstein games.

Neon Giant is founded by Tor Frick, Arcade Berg, Erik Gloersen and Jonathan Heckley, industry veterans with a collective experience of 70 years. The small but talented team are funded by investment company Goodbye Kansas and are already in the works of a game set in a new cyberpunk setting.

That setting alone should be interesting. With CD Projekt RED’s Cyberpunk 2077 to be revealed soon (hopefully), that setting will be rising in interest in the near future. We’ll be keeping a close on upcoming development from the studio.