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Need For Speed Heat Announced, Out On November 8th

Looking spicy


2019’s Need For Speed game is titled Need For Speed Heat. As many have guessed and leaks have proven.

The reveal trailer showcased what to expect with the new entry in the long-running racing series. The setting, Palm City, has a Miami-ish vibe to it, with palm trees seen in the middle of avenues. The location change also brings back Need For Speed 2015-style lighting- dark nights with gorgeous raindrops are returning.

The Heat in the title refers to the game’s focus on police chases again. Payback toned it down in a way old fans don’t appreciate it. Cops are less aggressive in the day, but at night they will hunt you down. Which leads to an option to return to the garage and skip to day or night.

There are now legal races in the day, Need For Speed ProStreet-style. Or like Forza Horizon. You gain bank (money) in day races and Rep (experience) in night races.

We get a glimpse of car customisation and the quick lapse shows of tons of new, custom parts you can bolt onto your cars. The spoilers shown look really wild and presumably not from a real licesned aftermarket brand. Which is not a problem if the designs pop out that good.

The accompanying Under The Hood blog post confirms that Speed Cards, the controversial performance upgrade system that was sneakily monetised, are not returning.

Based on the pre-order descriptions, there are also customisable clothing for your male or female avatar. Also similar to Forza Horizon.

Expect to see a gameplay trailer for Need For Speed Heat for gamescom in the next five days.

Need For Speed Heat will be out on November 8th for the PS4, PC (Origin) and Xbox One.

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