Monolith Is Making An Open-World Wonder Woman Game Featuring The Nemesis System

Monolith, the studio behind many quirky FPS and more recently the Shadow Of Mordor/War games, will be making a new open-world game based on DC superhero Wonder Woman.

A teaser was revealed at The Game Awards, simply saying Monolith is making that game, with barely anything else to show.

The press release for the game revealed more, however. The Wonder Woman game will be a new original story where we get to play as Diana of Themyscira (Wonder Woman) “in the fight to unite her Amazon family and the humans from the modern world”.

Most importantly, it is confirmed that the Nemesis System is back, which will let you create relationships with AI characters- both enemies and allies, where they can rise through the ranks as a fighter to a leader.

“The Nemesis System raised the bar for player-driven storytelling and we’re excited to push the open-world genre forward, combining cutting-edge action with inventive narratives to create a Wonder Woman game everyone will want to play,” said David Hewitt, Vice President, Studio Head, Monolith Productions.

How exactly will the Nemesis System works in this new Wonder Woman game remains to be seen. If we can get some low-rank mook trying their best to get Wonder Woman’s attention just so they can get tied up and step on her, that would be silly fun.

No release date or platforms were revealed for the new Wonder Woman game yet.

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