Minimalist Racing Management Game Golden Lap Gets A Demo For Steam Next Fest

Golden Lap, the new racing management game from the developers behind Absolute Drift and Art Of Rally, is getting a demo as part of Steam Next Fest.

The demo is currently live on game’s Steam page until June 17th.

The demo features two modes. Quick Race lets you manage one race in a pre-built team. Career Mode gives you the reigns of a team for a short four-race championship where you can make various off-track as well as on-track decision.

Golden Lap is a racing management game ala F1 Manager and Motorsport Manager, but with developer Funselektor at the wheel. Golden Lap focuses on the golden era of open wheel grand prix racing around the 1970s. You’ll be seeing a just a blob going around in circles, but with a minimalist style reminiscent of the developer’s previous games,

Fans of motorsport can expect the full package with Golden Lap. As team principal of one of the many fictional teams, you call the shots from how to manage the team’s budget to what pit strategy to use.

For the development of Golden Lap, Funselektor is collaborating with Strelka Games.

Golden Lap will be released later this year on PC (Steam).

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