Mass Effect Andromeda: Does It Take A Dr Sheikh Muszaphar To Outplay The Galaxy?

It’s not mandatory to be an astronaut or the first Malaysian astronaut solely to have a profoundly delightful experience with Mass Effect Andromeda. Anyone that has always wondered what does it feel like to be in outer space can now fulfill their dreams by just sitting in their favorite chairs and start playing Mass Effect Andromeda. If you failed in science subjects during your high school year but are still passionate about learning what’s beyond the sky, Mass Effect Andromeda is your savior. This game has the right tool to revive your dead dreams. Dreams that you thought you’d never achieve.

This game was properly developed by Bioware. A brilliant video game company that specializes in creating wonderful sci-fi games and much more. Mass Effect Andromeda is one of their greatest inventions to be introduced into the global gaming industry. It has proven to the world that rare knowledge and amazing creativity can be obtained by playing video games. The society can no longer complain about video games being a waste of time and unacceptable in acquiring unique learning skills.

This article will demonstrate on how fast can you finish the game while being a normal human and not an alien from an unknown planet. If you’re an astronaut, thank you for reading this. You are always welcome to try out the game without having to undergo hours of extreme space training as if getting ready for another real mission for space travel. However, it is not possible to finish this game in a single day. Watching 5 hours worth of complete cutscenes of Mass Effect Andromeda on Youtube totally doesn’t count.

About Andromeda’s Breath-taking Stories (No spoilers)

Like any other games that let players roam around the beautiful and massive virtual world, Mass Effect Andromeda is composed of interesting numbers of main missions and side quests. These missions and quests help players to understand the story in order for the game to be filled with meaningful messages. Well, it is mainly there for the players to conquer and win the game. A game without a story is like a banana tree without bananas. You’d rather chop it down since it doesn’t serve any purpose. Mass Effect Andromeda gives you a good amount of reasons for you to remain seated on your expensive gaming chair and complete the game for whatever it takes.

This game has wonderful planets for you to discover. Your journey will always lead to a story and more expeditions that need to be dealt with. There are 8 chapters in Mass Effect Andromeda. The number may not be as big as you think but those 8 chapters consist of quality adventure that will definitely make you wish you could quit your job and fully devote your life to it. Every chapter is stacked with enthralling missions across the wonderful planets in Andromeda. Yes, Andromeda is a galaxy. A colorful galaxy where you will travel to with your crew. A crew that will fight by your side.

If you are so desperate in finishing the game, it might take you about 25-30 hour. This estimation only includes the main missions of the game which excludes the side quests. You are more likely to ignore your crews’ requests and leave many aliens to remain helpless since they will need you the most. Rushing the game out will undoubtedly be a very boring path to take for a gamer who likes to explore a lot. You might miss some of the beautiful views of certain planets. If you are not stressed about quickly ending the game, you will find this masterpiece as a well-written novel that deserves the most attention from every gamer you know.

The Side Quests

This is where you learn more about the characters in the game. The details that give you more comprehensive answers to your questions about them. Mass Effect Andromeda has a major improvement in the characters development. This is one of those games that will never make you feel lonely while you’re banging your controller or keyboard in your room. There will always be an intriguing conversation being brought up by various of characters from the game. Those conversations can be funny, emotional and questionable.

Unlike any other games, the characters don’t seem emotionless at all. They tend to understand your situation based on your progress and how often you interact with them. Not all characters are serious and demanding. Some of them just want to hang out with you, playing pokers and even sitting on a couch and watch tv with you. You can also read your emails from your room in the Tempest. The emails are sometimes about your crews gossiping about other crews and apologizing about the little things they did without your permission.

Wrapping This Up

Mass Effect Andromeda is definitely a top-tier game that is worth playing for hours and days. It is not a typical repetitive video game that will make anyone feel like throwing up after a few hours playing it. However, there is nothing wrong with having the tendency to challenge yourself in completing the game in the fastest time possible. It may be doable but you wouldn’t be able to feel connected with the genuine excitement and brilliance that this game has to offer. It took me 2 weeks to finish Mass Effect Andromeda even with skipping all the side quests. A hectic schedule is an absolute reason for this. If you’re not as busy as me, you could shorten that to a few days in which it would take about 30-50 hours of gameplay.


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