Maquette Is A Puzzler In A Recursive World With A Love Story, Out Now

Here’s an interesting game that, if you have a PS5 and PS Plus, you can get for free. Maquette is a new first-person puzzle game set in a recursive loop by new indie developers Graceful Decay.

What makes it recursive? Depending on how you look at the world, objects can be tiny, or large. Go inside the dome and you’ll find the same exact dome, but smaller. A maquette. So if there’s a big cube blocking your passage, just go inside and move the tiny cube inside the pagoda.

It’s one of those puzzle games that require you to think object sizes differently, like Superliminal.

Maquette also features some Hollywood talent for voice-overs, in the form of Bryce Dallas Howard and Seth Gabel. The puzzler will explore the two character’s relationship that maybe isn’t not working well.

Maquette is out now on PS4, PS5 and PC (Steam). It’s part of this month’s PS Plus offering should you have a PS5. Or RM39 on Steam. It has a short running time, however, so this is more a game to experience something an indie game can do rather than a game to last you a whole month.

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