Malaysian-Made FPS/RTS Hybrid Eximus: Seize The Frontline Launching On March 16

Eximus: Seize The Frontline now has a launch date. The FPS/RTS hybrid by Malaysian-based Ammobox Studios was on Steam Early Access for some time, but is now ready for its 1.0 release next month.

In a post-apocalypse world, rival security contractors are now battling it out. You can play as a grunt on the field and group up with up to four other players in five-player squads. Shoot enemies and capture points like an FPS.

However, you can also play as the Commander, who has the bird’s eye view of the battle. As a Commander, Eximus plays like an RTS where you direct units, manager resource, build bases and even climb a tech tree with research. You can also call in artillery strikes too.

“Eximius: Seize The Frontline stems from a desire to introduce fresh ideas and innovate in the genre of first-person shooters,” said Jeremy Choo, Director, Ammobox Studios. “The team couldn’t be prouder of where we’ve arrived, realizing our ambitions with a game where strategy and communication are every bit as important as marksmanship.”

Eximus: Sieze The Frontline will launch with three game modes: Strategic mode, Cooperative mode and a solo game mode: Skrimish.

Eximus: Sieze The Frontline launches on March 16 for PC (Steam)

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