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Lethal League Blaze Out On October 24th, Featuring Funky Fresh Beats From Jet Set Radio Composer

Drop the beat and funk it


Okay, imagine a Smash-like, but all four characters can only hit the Smash ball, behaving like a ball. On hit, a dramatic pause happens, anime-style and the ball gets faster. It then gets faster and faster after each hit. Get hit by the ball and you’re out.

It’s this odd mashup of combat squash and a strong Jet Set Radio-like aesthetic is what made Lethal League such an interesting game. And now it has a sequel, Lethal League Blaze.

Lethal League expands the already wacky but stylish cast of characters, twice the of the original cast, as well as adding more new stages. Now with a Story mode. Two to four players can play, both offline and online with various modes on offer.

Also, this time around, developers Team Reptile managed to bring in Hideki Naganuma, composer of the Jet Set Radio games, for some funky fresh beats. Alongside him are Frank Klepacki, Pixelord, Bignic and Klaus Veen that contributed to hip-hop, house and breakbeat filled soundtrack.

You can hear Naganuma’s work, “Ain’t nothing like a funky beat” in its release trailer here.

Lethal League Blaze will be out on October 24th (October 25th in Malaysia) on PC via Steam. It will also makes its way to PS4, Xbox One and Switch next year.