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League Of Legends: Avoid Dying While Typing By Using Emotes Now


It’s annoying to give your enemy the kill they don’t deserve. Nobody finds it fair to eliminate someone without requiring any skills or real effort. Every League players probably have experienced this funny incident at least in one of their matches. It can be either a Ranked match or Normal match. The feelings they had to go through remain equal. Dying over the act of typing is totally everyone’s nightmare. While expressing the rage that’s trapped in your body, you get to be more rageful in return.

After weeks of giving Oceania server the taste of the new emote system, League players from across the world can now share their unique piece of mind with style. The new emote system allows players to react to almost everything in the game. By everything, you can laugh at your teammates when they do something nonsense, tell them that they’re doing it wrong, and even trash talk the enemy team without the need to really take a piss on them. All this with just one simple click. Let them know that you’re rich enough to buy the emote pack just to annoy them fabulously.

The emotes are mostly adorable and hard to hate. With these cute icons being displayed in a League match, you might unintentionally make your enemy love you instead of hating you more. Riot is taking this whole trash talking things to another level. To reach upon your enemy’s action, you won’t need to practically tell them about how bad they are or how you don’t admire their performance. Talking about performance, your allies can be poor at certain skills as well. What do you do? Motivate them with the emotes you bought.

Not all emotes are made to express hate. They are designed for players to communicate in a creative manner. Be sarcastic and funny at the same time. Have a laugh with other players by showing the emotes you manage to purchase with your lunch money. It doesn’t have to be negative all the time. Now everybody can focus on playing the game instead of writing an essay in the chatbox.