It’s Simulator Month As Farming Simulator 19 And Cities: Skylines Is Your PS Plus Games For May

Seems like Sony wants us to flex their creative and calm side as their free games for PS Plus subscribers in May is Farming Simulator 19 and the super popular Cities: Skyline.

First up, we have Farming Simulator 19, where the objective of the game is to farm and develop your farm on two huge environment with a lot of licensed vehicles to play with. It also has a eSports scene,believe or not.

Next is Cities: Skyline. Initially released back in 2015, it’s the better SimCity that’s still getting DLCs almost half a decade later and it is still quite a time waster so getting it free is amazing.

Both games will be available to download starting 5th May and ends on 1st June. You can still download the April PS Plus Games from now until the 4th of May.

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