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Indie Mecha Game Project Nimbus Coming To Nintendo Switch This May


Project Nimbus is a high-speed mecha action game that has been out on Steam since 2017, and is now coming to Nintendo Switch.

Inspired by the Gundam, Macross and Ace Combat series, Project Nimbus is made by the indie developers GameTomo and GameCrafterTeam based in Japan.

The game has you control mechas called Battle Frames with various weapons to choose from, including ray guns and energy blades, particle cannons and more.

There’s a four-act story involving three warring factions, and yes, there are anime girls too.

The Switch port, Project Nimbus: Complete Edition, will include two new modes previously not available in the west. There is Survival mode where you fight a never-ending wave of enemies. The other is Warfront mode, which is also designed to be endless but with objectives to complete.

Have a look at the trailer here:

Switch players are in for a good year for mecha games it looks like. With this and Daemon X Machina, if the demo was any indication, these are promising-looking titles if you are a fan of this niche.

Project Nimbus: Complete Edition will be out on Nintendo Switch on May 16th for $19.99 USD. Project Nimbus is also available now on Steam for RM39.