In Some Parts of the World, Titanfall 2 Is Seeing An Uptick In Players Post-Apex Legends

Despite the massive surge of players to new Battle Royale Apex:Legends, it is being reported that Respawn Entertainment’s previous FPS Titanfall 2 is also seeing an increase in playerbase, GameInformer reports.

Despite the reports of the uptick being across PC and consoles, the SEA region seems to not have been affected by the surge, as multiplayer queues were still found to take a long time.

There are several factors contributing to this surprise revival, such as news of the cancellation of Titanfall 3 as well as Titanfall 2 being on sale.

Public attention has been on the sequel to XBox One launch title Titanfall, mostly in comparison to Respawn’s free-to-play Apex: Legends.

Apex: Legends peaked at 2 million concurrent users after launch, despite being a stealth-release game.

Source GameInformer IGN

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