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Huniepop 2 Drops Teaser Trailer, Implores You Save The World From Cosmic PMS Armageddon


Game developer Huniepot, most famous for ecchi dating sim/Bejewelled clone Huniepop put out a teaser trailer for the sequel, Huniepop 2 on their YouTube channel.

While not showing any actual gameplay, the teaser does delve into the plot of the game, which involves cosmic beings and saving the world.

No release date was announced, however the trailer confirms the game will release in 2019.

The developers have battled issues with censoring their adult games in the past, mostly with Steam’s inconsistent views on adult content.

Huniepot has dealt with this by selling the original game as a “censored” version, and then adding a mod that allows you to access the uncensored content.

In response to similar questions about Huniepop 2, Huniepot had this to say about uncensored versions: