Hot Wheels Unleashed Looks Like A Fun Arcade Racer, Out This September

Milestone has announced that they are making the new Hot Wheels game.

Titled “Hot Wheels Unleashed”, they recently showcase a cinematic trailer of what the game will be. And good news, it looks like a modern-version of the past Hot Wheels titles you might have played before.

Milestone’s last four-wheels foray was the pretty good but overlooked arcade racer, Gravel, so they do have the credentials to create an unique Hot Wheels title for sure.

The game will not only include a livery editor, but also the ability to create your own tracks, and a 12 players online multiplayer.

Hot Wheels Unleashed will launch on September 31 for the PS4 and PS5, along with the Xbox One and Xbox Series Consoles, PC and Nintendo Switch.

Source: Milestone

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