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Hitman’s Best Map Is Now Available For Free For A Limited Time

Take a spring break in Italy


Hitman 2016 is now only available for purchase in full, but the game is available in some form in various chunks. But from today until April 3rd, Io Interactive is now giving away Sapienza, the second map in the first season and by far the best designed map in the game, for free.

Sapienza is a sprawling seaside city in Italy with a complex layout of roads and accessible buildings in the town, including a church. The focus in the main mission, “World Of Tomorrow” is on the large mansion where the two targets are located, filled with interesting and silly opportunities to eliminate them, from exploding golf balls to shooting a cannon on a fleeing aeroplane.

There’s also a large layer of secret underground base too to explore and sneak through.

Once claimed, the Sapienza map, the story mission, and all related content such as Escalations, the Professional difficulty and all upcoming re-activated Elusive Targets. The prologue/tutorial mission is also included.

What is not included however is the Bonus Episode, where the map is changed significantly for a different story mission.

It’s now out on PC via Steam here. It is also available on PS4 and Xbox One but not for Asia region, unfortunately.