Hawkeye Joins Marvel’s Avengers, Along With Next-Gen Upgrades Coming In March

Square Enix has announced that series staple, Hawkeye is joining the Avengers team in an update that’s coming next month, along with the Next-Gen upgrades for the game.

Clint Barton, the original Hawkeye and mentor of Kate Bishop, will have similar skill sets to their current playable Hawkeye with the key difference being him able to wield a sword along with his archery abilities. He will be in the game as part of the game’s new storyline, Future Imperfect.

Along with that, the next gen versions of the game will release alongside Clint’s storyline. The PS5 and Xbox Series X version will be support 4K resolution while the Series S will go upwards to 1440P.

This update for Square Enix’s Avengers will go live on March 18.

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