Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising Announced, Includes Rollback Netcode And Cross-Play

Cygames has announced a new entry to the fighting game Granblue Fantasy Versus called Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising.

The fighting game based on the Granblue Fantasy universe, which started out as a free-to-play gacha RPG, will be once again developed by Arc System Works, of Guilty Gear Strive fame.

For GBVS: Rising, it has been confirmed to support rollback netcode (the preferred netcode model for fighting games), as well as cross-play across the three platforms it will be released on: PS4, PS5 and PC (Steam).

There will be new gameplay mechanics introduced. Players can use Ultimate Skills, a more powerful version of Plus Skills seen in GBVS.

A new story mode will be included, plus an abridged version of the 50 chapters in RPG mode in the first GBVS will be included in GBVS: Rising.

The online lobby has been enhanced as well. You can control chibi lobby avatars, communicate with players and request matches. Also, there is Grand Bruise Legends, which is apparently an online battle royale mode featuring a variety of mini-games? Sounds like a Falls Guy-esque mode, which sounds like a nice break after all the intense fighting online.

Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising will see 24 characters from the GBVS returning, plus new characters joining the fray. The new characters haven’t been revealed yet, but the first will be introduced during the finals of the GBVS Cygames Cup Special 2023, taking place on February 25.

Plus, there will be some minor graphical enhancements which include changes to in-game shaders and post-processing effects. The aim is to replicate the IP’s art style but in 3D, while still making the visuals readable and visible that won’t compromise its core gameplay.

Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising is coming later in 2023 for the PS4, PS5 and PC via Steam.

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