Gran Turismo Sport’s Content Update For July Now Live, Includes New Original Track And The 2017 Mercedes F1 Car

And also optional microtransactions

Gran Turismo Sport’s content update is now live. Teased in various ways across the months after a no-showing of content update back in June, developers Polyphony Digital continues its modus operandi on adding new content to the sim racer.

First, the track. It’s a brand-new original circuit called Circuit de Sainte-Croix, based around the Sainte-Croix lake in Provence, the south of France. It’s an interesting circuit with three (six including reverse) layouts. Layout A is super technical with sharp 90-degree corners, a contrast to layout B which features very flowing corners. Layout C is a mix of both worlds. Each layout utilises the same pit straight and will go across the lake on the bridge heavily featured in the early teasers.

As for the cars, here’s the list:

  • Daihatsu Copen Active Top ‘02
  • Ferrari 250 GTO CN.3729GT ‘62
  • Ford GT LM Spec II Test Car
  • Honda Beat ‘91
  • Honda S660 ‘15
  • Mazda 787B ‘91
  • Mercedes-AMG F1 W08 EQ Power+ 2017
  • Mercedes-AMG F1 W08 EQ Power+ (Color Variation) 2017

The biggest addition is the championship winning Mercedes F1 car that GT Sport’s maestro Lewis Hamilton piloted last year. While the one with the silver arrows and Petronas branding is locked from any change of livery, and the Color Variation lets you have pre-determined colours, but no option for liveries.

Three of the cars here- the Daihatsu and the two Hondas- are good old kei cars for slow but fun racing. The Ford GT is a racing version of the 2006 production model, famous for gracing the intro video in Gran Turismo 4.

Cars that are priced below 2,000,000 credits within the game are now also be able to be purchased with real money, as we recently reported. The in-game menu will now show the option to buy from the Playstation Store. Cars priced at 2,000,000 credits translates to RM11.

However, this option can be disabled in the options menu under Brand Central should you wish not to be pestered by the microtransaction prompt each time you want to buy new cars.

Aside from that, helmet and racing suits can be decked with your own decals and liveries, your racing avatar can now appear in Scapes mode for photo opportunities, new events in the GT League campaign and some handling model changes. Details on the handling model changes can be found here.

Source: Gran Turismo

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