God of War (2018) PC Review – Revisiting Greatness

With the latest title coming in within this year, the fact that the God of War series finally came to the PC platform is a detriment to how the game has evolved from a plucky slash-em-up on the PS2 to now a cinematic action title that has won awards all over. 

So how does this masterpiece of a game perform on the most open platform of them all? Pretty well, actually.


I’ll just lay on you guys straight. This PC port is perhaps the perfect way to play this game (besides playing it on the ever-illusive PS5, of course). Even on the Lowest/ Original setting (aka PS4 visuals), it manages to look good even on older GPU cards such as my 1060 Ti. The presence of the new Nvidia techniques like DLSS makes this quite a beautiful-looking game within the marking right now.

Though it might only play on a solid 30-40ish frame on my PC combo, it does make it smoother and plays a bit better than what you will get on the PS4 slim version. Besides that, the Audio side is still amazing, with the sound team making sure every Shield block or even the sound of the Leviathan axe is really good, even on a pair of headphones. 

But tying all of these together is the cinematic feel that Studio Santa Monica has lovingly crafted, which begins when you first boot up the game from the start. All of it is retained for the PC version, with the dev team even tweaking it to fit the Ultrawide Monitor community to make their vision intact. And if that doesn’t scream dedication, then I don’t know what will. 


The gameplay of this new God Of War is exactly what you have played on the Playstation back in 2018. It’s basically the norm of this sort of action title (which I have no qualms for) but it does feel rather clunky at times, where you’re fighting many types of enemies at a time or a very mobile boss, the camera sometimes doesn’t pan quick enough for your lock-on to, which might hind a fight when you’re close to death. 

But hopefully, there are some improvements to the combat system for the upcoming Ragnarok because that sole aspect of the game could be tweaked to be better (and that’s my Kratos quote quota filled).

You can also get new outfits and weapons for both Kratos and Ares during the course of the game but the outfits that you get from the pre-order of the PC version are actually quite useful for most of the game, which could be beneficial to some. 

And one more incredible thing to note about this PC port is the keyboard and mouse support that Studio Santa Monica has provided. And it plays wonderfully, with the default settings that the devs have listed being the most comfortable and intuitive to play on this weird platform. 


God of War has an interesting way to progress both the story and your character leveling system that keeps each other company like your protagonist duo. This means the more you explore, the more you level up within the game. Which puts this game at a hefty 20+ hours of content. And believe me, it is all worth it.

It is one of the shining examples of a polished single-player experience that made it popular within the PlayStation community which many dreamed of coming onto the PC market. And now that it is on Steam and Epic Games, people should definitely try out this masterpiece.

Personal Enjoyment

This is perhaps one of the few masterpieces of gaming from the Sony camp that you can experience within the PC market. And though it is still a departure from its route, it is one of those games within the likes of Death Stranding, and even Horizon Zero Dawn that everyone has to try out and get a feel for, before passing judgment, I know I did.

God Of War did well to suck a naysayer such as myself (who thoroughly enjoyed the PSP version, weirdly enough) to get involved inside this version of the God Killer in perhaps his most vulnerable time. 

And perhaps its sequel could be built upon that more, we just have to wait and see. 


In the shortest of terms, God Of War is still an amazing game and with its PC version being almost parity (or even better) than its console counterpart. This ensures that this masterpiece shall live on, perhaps even after decades from its original release date and perhaps even outliving its original console of release too. Truly a future classic in waiting.

Played on PC, Review copy provided by Sony.


God Of War (2018) PC

An amazing game and with its PC version being almost parity (or even better) than its console counterpart.

  • Design 9
  • Gameplay 8
  • Content 9
  • Personal Enjoyment 9

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