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Frontier Developments Now Has A Publishing Arm, The First Game Is By The Developers Of Tropico


Frontier Developments, the team behind Elite: Dangerous, Planet Coaster, that Jurrasic World: Evolution and the upcoming Planet Zoo, now has a publishing arm. It will be called Frontier Publishing.

The UK-based company has outlined its venture into publishing in its last annual financial report and has now announced the first signee under Frontier Publishing.

That signee is Haemimont Games, the makers of the first 5 Tropico games and Surviving Mars. However, there is no information about what exactly that game is yet. The Bulgarian-based developers have strong roots of making strategy games, city builders and the occasional action RPG. So this should be a good fit under Frontier’s label.

It’s an interesting new frontier that Frontier is exploring. Let’s see how the partnership of the two parties develops.