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Fourth Season Of Lenovo’s Legion Of Champions Includes All-Female CS:GO Tournament


Lenovo is organising its fourth season of their Legion Of Champions (LOC) esports series. Legion of Champions Series IV will have players compete in either PUBG and CS:GO, with 12 regions competing in Asia Pacific, including Australia and New Zealand.

The Grand Finals will be held at Pantip Mall in Bangkok, Thailand on December 12th-14th.

The interesting part is that the CS:GO tournament is an all-female affair, branded as Legion Of Valkyries. “Given the growing interest of female gamers in esports, we have introduced the Legion of Valkyries to nurture a diverse group of gamers,” said Ivan Cheung, Vice President, and Chief Operating Officer, Lenovo Asia Pacific.

It’s cool to see more tourneys offering up slots to give females a chance to shine. And as per the tournament rules, there are requirements that each player is on a video call throughout the online qualifier matches to ensure no foul play in this regard.

Both tournaments will have online qualifiers done through Lenovo’s Rise of Legion platform. For Malaysians, you can register for the PUBG qualifiers here, and for the all-female CS:GO qualifiers here. For other regions, go here and check the “market” tab on the top right of the page and change your region there.

The PUBG champions will walk away with USD$4,000 and USD$10,000 worth of Legion devices, with the winners for CS:GO will walk away with USD$5,000 and USD$12,500 worth of Legion devices. The total prize pool, USD$89,100 (around RM370,000) is the biggest prize pool for LOC to date.