Former Bioware Lead Writer’s Next Game Is Chorus: An Adventure Musical

"Let's Make a Musical!"

Former Bioware Lead Writer David Gaider has co-founded a new developer team in Australia with Liam Esler called Summerfall Studios. And their first game is called Chorus.

Chorus is described as an adventure musical. It’s an adventure game where you get to talk with characters and burst into a musical number. An interactive musical number.

You play as Grace, and somehow her band’s new singer suddenly dies at her apartment. Now you need to clear your name and prove yourself innocent. But the dead singer was also a Muse, and that power has transferred to you. With the power of singing, you can convince the person you’re talking to. It’s a tale of gods, but in a modern world.

Chorus has an all-star lineup. Gaider is writing it, Austin Wintory (Journey) is composing, Troy Baker acts as voice director with Laura Bailey in the leading role of Grace

Chorus is now on Fig, and has made a good trailer explaining how the game works, including the conversation system (it’s like a dialogue wheel of course), how traits will affect Grace, and a glimpse of how the musical is interactive. The music itself changes as you make decisions during the musical.

Oh, and there will be romance routes. Of course it would have one.

Summerfall Studios is expecting to raise $600,000 USD for the development of Chorus. You can have a look at their Fig page here.

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