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F1 2018 Announced,Releasing This August

Make Headlines with a returning new feature.


Codemasters,out of the blue, has officially announced the latest edition of their award winning title today.

MAKE HEADLINES” is the tagline for F1 2018 and with it brings the new game title screen along with their new logo made by the new owners of Formula One, which looks identical to the Wipeout title font but let’s not go into that today. There’s no in-game screenshots just yet but we might see them leading up to E3 in June.

The franchise director, Paul Jeal ,said that “they are engaged heavily with the fan-base to understand what is important to them” and promised a return of more classic cars which was received positively last year . CM are also bringing back a highly requested feature back into the franchise. My money is on paddock and post-race Interviews making a return as they were the most interesting part of the older titles.

tbh, it was fun getting interviewed after winning a race.


The game is set to release on  24th of August which, like last year, is on a race weekend and will be available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: Codemasters