Dragon’s Dogma Gets A Netflix Anime Adaptation, Releasing Worldwide This September

Remember Dragon’s Dogma? It’s the open-world action-RPG from Capcom that has an amazing combat system (it’s made from the team that made Devil May Cry). The 2012 game has since sold five million copies worldwide, as of March 21, 2020.

Capcom has now announced the series is getting an anime adaptation to be released on Netflix.

Simply titled Dragon’s Dogma, the story will see Ethan who gets attacked by a dragon. He died with his heart stolen, but now has revived as an “Arisen”. Together with the Pawn, Hannah, they embark on a journey to defeat monsters that embody the seven deadly sins to regain Ethan’s heart back.

This does sound a lot like the premise of the main game.

The series is produced by Sublimation, which will incorporate traditional 2D animation with CG.

Dragon’s Dogma the anime will be screening on Netflix worldwide on September 17.

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